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Multi channel client player

Multi channel client player is a desktop based application.

Multi channel client player communicates to multi channel music service(web based server application) to authenticates and downloads relevant tracks of music channels that user registered and encrypted and save to the user's PC, decrypt and play different tracks to multi output Sound card, each track routed and played to a different output channel simultaneously. The time to play tracks was specified on server. Example tracks 1,2,3 with a timing of 11am and track 4,5,6 with a timing of 12am, so the tracks 1,2,3 will play in continuous mode at 11am and tracks 4,5,6 will play in continuous mode at 12am.

The multi channel client player run in background, it provide graphic user interface to allow the user mapping each music channel to each sound card output channel, each day elapsed it automatically connect to multi channel music service (server) to update the new tracks. Only tracks that in valid period of time were downloaded and only tracks in valid period of time played, tracks that save on client PC only can play by Multi channel client player, other player can not.

I (Sunrise IT Group Founder) work as a freelancer for a middle company, they provide the requirement and I am design and developer.

Technology: .NET, C#, Win-forms, Bass.NET

Multi channel client player, login dialog
The picture show the login dialog

Multi channel music player, add new tracks function
The picture demonstrative about mapping music channel to sound card output channel function.

The sound card on my laptop have problem so you just see just have one out put channel, if use M-Pro sound card it will show Front, Back, Rear channels, ...

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